Ramadan starts Friday, April 24, 2020.

The Month of Ramadan starts in sha Allah tomorrow Friday, April 24.

We ask Allah subhanahou wa taala to fill this blessed month of Ramadan with our worship, adorn its times with our obedience, help us during its daytime with its fast, and in its night with prayer and supplication, so that its daytime may not bear witness against our heedlessness, nor its night against our neglect.


Ramadan Update:

*The masjid will be open for anyone who wishes to pray with the following conditions:
1. Everyone entering the masjid must wear a face covering.
2. No more than 10 people in the masjid.
3. Everyone must pray on his own prayer rug.

*There will NOT be any Iftar in the masjid.
* There will NOT be any Taraaweeh prayers in the masjid.
* Jumu’ah service is still suspended until further notice.