Islamic School at Masjid As-Sunnah

Islamic School at Masjid As-Sunnah

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Get your kids used to the good, as the good is a habit.

Abdullah Ibn Mas’oud, May Allah be pleased with him, said: “Get your kids used to the good, as the good is a habit”

There’s no good except what Asharaa (Rulings of Islam) qualifies as good.

The prophet, may peace be upon him, said: “The best of you is whoever learned the Quaran and taught it to others.”

He also said: “If Allah wants to do good to a person, He makes him understand the religion.”

Parents, you are encouraged to follow up with your kids homework at home. And please do not to be late for the prayer of Ad-duhr to pick up your kids.

School Mission

Masjid Assunnah school is operated by a body of volunteer parents who perform the
 education and the administration functions. Instructions are given in English and Arabic by a highly motivated team of volunteers…

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Important Dates

September 9: First Day of school

Courses of study

Memorization of the Quran, Muslim’s Creed, Worship, Islamic Ethics, Learning the Basics of Arabic Language.

Registration Requirements

 To be 5 years old and up

Bringing required school supplies to each class

Attendance has to be no less than 80% of the total lessons

For tuition fees, please see the School’s  registration form.