Eid Al-Fitr is on Wednesday, April 10th

Eid Mubarak!

After collaboration between masajid of Central Florida, we have determined that the moon has NOT been sighted tonight, Monday. Therefore, Eid Al-Fitr will be on Wednesday, April 10th.

May Allah accept our efforts and allow us to witness another blessed month of Ramadan.

Join Masjid Al-Ihsan, Masjid Annoor and Masjid As-Sunnah for the Eid prayer at Moss Park.

The Eid prayer will start at 8:45am sharp.
Help us cover the cost by donating at least $20 per car.

For directions, please use the map below:

Sunnah of Eid

1. It is Sunnah to dress in the best clothes we have on Eid.

2. It is a must (Waajib) to pray the Eid Prayer.

3. It is Sunnah to say Takbeer loudlywhen leaving our homes to go to Eid Prayer. There is no Hadeeth related to Rasoolullaah (Sallaahu ‘alaihi wa sallam) as to what should be said when reciting Takbeer on the way to Prayer, but Ibn Mas’ood used to say the following:

Allaahu Akbar – Allaahu Akbar
(Allah is great – Twice)

Laa Illaha Illallaaha
(There is none worthy of worship except Allah)

Allaahu Akbar – Allaahu Akbar
(Allah is great – Twice)

Wa Lillaahil Hamd
(And to Him belongs all Praise)

It is not from the Sunnah to say Takbeer collectively in a chanting style.

4. The Sunnah for Eid Prayers is to pray in the Musalla (in an uncovered place) and not in the Masjid.

5. Neither Adhaan nor Iqaamah are pronounced for Eid Prayer.

6. The Prophet (Sallaahu ‘alaihi wa sallam) prayed two Raka’ahs for the Eid prayer and did not pray before it or after it.

7. The Prophet (Sallaahu ‘alaihi wa sallam) used to come back from the Eid prayer on a path other than the one used in going to it