Abu Muslimah Visits Masjid Assunnah

Sheikh Abu Muslimah will, incha’ Allah, visit masjid Assunnah. He will be with us from Friday 29th till Sunday 31st, March 2013.


When: Friday 29, Saturday 30, Sunday 31 2013

Where: Masjid Assunnah — 1535 Pleasant Hill Rd. Kissimmee, FL 34746 — Phone: 407-935-0337


Lectures Schedule is as follow:

Practicing Islam in America

Friday March 29th, Juma’ah Khutba

Ruling of Da’wah and Masjid Etiquette

Friday March 29th, between Maghrib & Ishaa Prayers

Social Media & the Muslim Youth (Facebook, Twitter…)

Saturday March 30th, between Maghrib & Ishaa Prayers

—Dinner Included

Short Talk (Khatirah)

Sunday March 31st, after Fajr Prayers