12 December 2017  
Abu Abdelhamid
Cheikh Abu Abdelhamid Saad Esslaoui was born 09-30-1972. He currently lives in Kissimmee Florida. He is Imam Masjid Assunnah

Enrolled and studying in the bachelor degree program in Islamic studies in Mishkah University.

Studied the Islamic subjects and Quranic sciences with few scholars: Dr. Salah Assawi, Sheikh Abu Hudaifa Melouk, Sheikh Abu Talha Almarhoumi, Dr. And Elbedea A. Hashem, Dr. Abdullah Samak, Dr. Samir Rezik, Dr. Sayed Elsely, Dr. Abdelfatah Idriss, Dr. Almohamadi Altholoth, Dr. Mohammed Othman, Dr. Mohammed Alashwamy.

Working on completing the motorization of AlQuran (Hifdh) and already completed and mastered the Ahkam of recitation with Sheikh Abu Hudaifa.

Fluent in four languages: Arabic, English, Spanish and French. Conversational in Portuguese.
Co-Host of the radio show "Islam For Mankind", La Magica 1220AM every Thursday at 1:10pm in Arabic, English and Spanish.
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Prayer Times

Jumuah Prayer: 1:30 PM

Prayer Times in Masjid

Fajr 6:20
Dhuhr 1:00
Asr 4:00
Maghrib 10 min after Adhan
Isha 7:00

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