Abu Muslimah Comes Back to Visit Masjid Assunnah

[blockquote]Abu Muslimah will visit masjid Assunnah. He will be there from Friday 6 to Sunday 8, March 2009.[/blockquote]

When: Friday 6th through Sunday 8th, March 2009

Where: Masjid Assunnah — 1535 Pleasant Hill Rd. Kissimmee, FL 34746 — Phone: 407-935-0337


  • Abu Myriam: 407-744-8692
  • Abu Naima: 321-696-9724
  • Abu Isa: 321-331-5173

The importance of Sunnah in Islam

In order to spread and revive the knowledge of the Quran and Sunnah as understood by
As-Salaf As-Salih (our pious predecessors), Masjid Assunnah is inviting Sheikh Abu Muslimah to give a set of lectures about the importance of the Sunnah.

The schedule and the topics of the lectures will be as follow:

* Please, keep in mind that the lectures will start 10 minutes after the prayer

Friday: March 6th
• Jumuaa: 1:30 pm (The Sunnah explains the Qur’aan)
• Maghrib: 6:30 pm (Tafseer of the prophet, peace be upon him)
• Ishaa- 8:00 pm (Obedience of the messenger, peace be upon him)

Saturday: March 7th
• Fajr: 6:00 am (a short talk will be given after the prayer)
• Maghrib: 6:30 pm (Bid’ah celebration of the prophet’s birthday)
• Ishaa: 8:00 pm (The sunnah that the prophet died upon)

Sunday: March 8th (Daylight Saving Time)
• Fajr: 6:40 am (a short talk will be given after the prayer)
• Maghrib: 7:40 pm (Children upon the sunnah)
• Ishaa: 9:00 pm (Husband and wife upon the sunnah)