12 December 2017  

Our call is to return to the book of Allah and the Sunnah as they were understood by the righteous predecessors, the Companions of the Prophet and whosoever follows them in perfection from the Scholars of this our beloved religion.

It includes:

  • In the creed: Achieving the oneness of the Worshipped (Allah) Subhanahu Wa taala without taking a partner with him; this is the meaning of the declaration (Shihada) that there is no deity worthy of worship except Allah.
  • In the Worship of Allah: Making the Sunnah (Methodology, Way) of the Messenger Salla Allahu alihi wa salam the only way to Allah, and rejecting all innovations in the religion; this is the meaning of the second declaration (Shihada) that Mohammad is Allah’s Slave and Messenger.
  • In the life’s systems and morals: Ruling by the Law (Shariah) of the Quran, purifying one’s self by leaving immoral and evil things and holding tight to the righteous by following the book of Allah and the authentic Sunnah and following the way of the righteous predecessors.
  • In the Call to Allah: Reinforcing one’ self with the beneficial knowledge with which the mandatory acts are performed, and the unclear ambiguous issues are made clear. It also includes rejecting blind following and partisanship to one other than the Messenger Salla Allahu Alihi Wa Sallam.
  • Holding tight to the knowledge and acting upon it and avoid exaggeration in taking licenses or harshness.
  • The wise call to the all inclusive understanding of the Islam and having the patience to any harm that people may inflect.



This is our call and our way, we call all the Muslims and all other people to follow this road with us so that we all can gain the Paradise of Allah the All Mighty, Most High.

Indeed, every good is in following the righteous predecessors and every evil is in the innovation in the religion.

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17|38|كل ذلك كان سيئه عند ربك مكروها

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